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24 NOVEMBER 2006


GR. SARANTIS Group, proceeds with the collaboration with ORIGINS, in accordance with its growth strategy, reinforcing the potential of the Health and Care sector.

ORIGINS was first launched in August 1990 and is part of the Estee Lauder Group. It is the first well-known brand that dealt with the physical, emotional and intellectual well-being, creating a complete collection of products based on herbs for the face and body treatment, for the make-up, as well as for the Treatment of the Senses. ORIGINS brought revolution in the face and body treatment using pure ethereal oils for its products in order to ensure the complete effectiveness of their therapeutic attributes. ORIGINS is a socially sensitive brand which believes in the social contribution and promotes activities that endorse the feeling of social responsibility. Moreover, ORIGINS is committed to the protection of the ecology, the animals and the environment.

The SARANTIS-ORIGINS Collaboration concerns the exclusive representation of ORIGINS, initially in Greece, via a network of selected pharmacies, from January 2007, and via a Sarantis’ retail shop, which will open in the beginning of December in the centre of Athens (Tsakalof 15, Kolonaki). This move is of particular strategic importance, since it strengthens and reinforces the leading position of the Health and Care Sector of GR. SARANTIS Group. It should be noted that the Group, in the context of its new strategy, has also recently included the French company Physcience in its product portfolio.

Invitation to the Εxtraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting of December 20, 2023

The Board of Directors, in the context of implementing best Corporate Governance practices, has decided to further deepen the interaction with the shareholders and with the proxy advisors. In this direction and after consultation, the Board updated the recommendations on the items of the Extraordinary General Meeting and in order to provide the necessary preparation time to the shareholders, reconvenes an Extraordinary General Meeting on 20/12/2023.
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