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Our Human Capital approach

We aim to be an employer of choice for talented people offering a safe environment where all capabilities can be utilized and further advanced.

Our focus remains behind our people, our most valuable asset, thanks to whom our business develops and flourishes. We are committed to establishing a better environment and prospects for them as we recognize they are a key catalyst for our path towards sustainable development. We aim to strengthen the leadership capabilities of our people, their business insight and their talents in order to create high-performance teams. The ever-changing, competitive conditions in the markets where the Group operates necessitate a business frame of mind that promotes innovation and improved performance. To that end, the Group rewards performance and also invests in educational programs and training seminars for its employees. We focus on being a high-priority employer, by adopting structures and practices, making the most of our talented employees and their abilities.


Our commitments:

Establishing a safe, pleasant and modern work environment where our people feel satisfied and are motivated for further personal and professional development.

- Applying the best human resource management practices, supporting the further development of our people and maintaining a culture of mutual trust and respect.

The focal areas we focus regarding Human Capital:

  • Inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities
    • 47% females out of total employees
    • 40% of employees between 26-45 years old signifying that on the one hand, we acknowledge their experience and contribution, on the other, we believe in the younger generation and give it the opportunities it deserves.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

IWD is not just another day for us! It’s a milestone date, an opportunity to reconnect with our fundamental belief in empowering women everyday – everywhere.

Women constitute 47% of Sarantis Group employees - all of them passionate and dynamic, making a great impact through their work.

Τhis year, one of our most loved brands, Bioten welcomed all our female employees encouraging them to celebrate their true nature with confidence and trust.

  • Training and employee development

Continuous investment in education and training across the Group’s region.

Internal rotations in new roles

Benefits , above the compulsory, based on seniority and level. 

  • Health & Safety of employees
    • Internal training programs on First Aid, fire safety, safe evacuation, in-house regular doctor visits Zero fatalities in the Group
    • Blood bank to meet the needs of employees and their relatives
    • Health Checks by our in-house nutritionist and special events offering fitness advices on employees.

Body measurements - Nutritional questionnaire - Evaluation of results - Personal advice

Amidst COVID-19 we implemented precautionary measures and embraced smart-working

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and with an absolute sense of responsibility towards our employees and the society, we embraced Smart-Working and a special coronavirus protection policy for our people, ensuring at the same time our business continuity, remaining committed to continue offering high quality brands.               


Our contribution to the economy

We focus on the balance between economic success and responsible environmental and social practices as we recognize financial performance goes hand in hand with a sustainable business path.

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