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Our product approach

Our product approach focuses on Product quality & Safety, Product Design & Packaging  and Consumer Health & Safety. These focal areas make a difference in our consumers’ preferences as our goal is to always offer high quality products addressing the everyday needs of our consumers, while adopting socially responsible practices and environmentally friendly production methods.

Our commitments

  • Improving further our brands’ sustainable footprint across their lifecycle.
  • Maintaining the highest level of quality and safety criteria during our production processes, following all relevant national and European regulations.

Our progress:

  • Product quality and safety is one of the Group’s top priorities. Quality is the foundation behind our product development process and is the factor that builds trust with consumers and drives strong brand awareness and performance. There is a continuous flow of new innovative ideas and techniques presenting an improved environmental and social footprint, having quality as a guiding principle.

    • The company applies an Integrated Management System based on the International Standards ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, ISO 13485, ISO 22716 & ISO 50001.

    • The Group is constantly keeping abreast with the developments mainly around the European Union and worldwide, by following the positions and attitudes of opinion delivery organizations (IFRA, SCCS, etc) or of collective bodies (Hellenic Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfumery Association, etc). The aim is full and immediate compliance with the legal framework regarding the product in the countries the Group operates. The Group is in a position to respond to consumers' worries and questions offering documented information over the phone or in writing.

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  • The Group is continuously examining ways in its R&D laboratory to increase the use of recycled packaging materials (plastic, glass, paper) and increase the packaging materials that are recyclable, reusable or compostable.

  • The Group is continuously examining ways to increase the level of ingredients that are coming from sustainable sources, increase the % of natural ingredients and adapt our formulas to have an improved environmental footprint.

Bioten is focused on creating products with a packaging that is 100% recyclable, as well as on using glass jars, which contain 30% already recycled glass. All face cream boxes are certified by the Forest Sustainability Council while our factory has received an energy management certification. Our wide range of products have effective formulas, with high % of naturality and all the latest technological novelties, created to deliver the desired results depending on  the skin type & age.

We develop a complete ECO range covering all categories (Food packaging, Garbage bags, Cleaning Items) under a Green Life Concept.

In our plant in Polipak, a new technology is under development that will lead to new high-tech products (garbage bags) through automated processes.

The new garbage bags will be characterized by:

  • High durability           
  • Better functionality & aesthetics
  • Cost efficiency
  • Higher ecological profile (higher percentage of recycled raw materials).


Our Human Capital approach

We aim to be an employer of choice for talented people offering a safe environment where all capabilities can be utilized and further advanced.

Our focus remains behind our people, our most valuable asset, thanks to whom our business develops and flourishes.

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