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Career Opportunities

We use modern and certified methods for evaluating candidates, promoting equal treatment opportunities and transparency.

Being a candidate can be a challenging procedure, you have to make a good first impression and persuade us with your potential!
Never underestimate the effect of a well-prepared effort!

Here is an insight of our interviews’ structure and how you will succeed!

Take the opportunity and
shape your future with us!

Selection Methods

Psychometric Tests
Structured Interviews
Case Studies

When you send us your CV.

An automated confirmation e-mail will be sent to you immediately that we received your application.
The resumes are kept at our base for three years for future evaluation and career opportunities.

When we invite you for an interview

We will notify you regarding the interview date and the completion of the psychometric profile tools at least 48 hours in advance.

Your interview

The first interview will be implemented by a specialized representative of the Human Resources Department.

We are discussing your resume and your professional experience, analyzing the behaviors you have demonstrated during your professional career.

We use psychometric assessment tools that allow us to receive more information about your professional profile and case studies to assess specific skills, behaviors and knowledge related to the job you have applied for.

During the interview, we encourage you to ask questions to learn more about the position you are interested in. Additionally, we provide info regarding the working environment and the opportunities for further advancement within Sarantis Group.

When we decide on the result

When we take the final decision, we inform you promptly regarding the outcome of the process, regardless the end result (positive/negative response).

We respect your personal data and we are legal compliant following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The results of your evaluation, as well as your CV, are strictly confidential.

Management Trainee Program

“Shine Out” is Sarantis Group Management Trainee Program. The program provides the opportunity to young graduates to join our team and to start their professional career gaining knowledge and experiences in order to become the next generation leaders.

Take the opportunity and shape your future with us!

Assessment Process

Online Skills Tests
Professional Personality Questionnaires
Structured Interviews
Assessment Center
(simulation exercises, case studies)
Candidates’ Selection & Hiring

You made it? The journey begins…

Find out more about Shine Out here.

Internship and Apprenticeship Programs

We cooperate with the top universities and professional institutions of the country, who actively support the induction of young people into the workplace, for Internship and Apprenticeship Programs.

What are we looking for?

Young graduates with high academic performance, willingness to learn and to develop and with dreams for a successful professional career!

We distinguish people with creative attitude who seek innovation and share our values and culture.

We only accept applications from students who are qualified for an internship, based on their institution’s curriculum.

Career Tips

According to surveys, each recruiter devotes 30 seconds to each CV. How are you going to do it? Read the tips below to ensure that your CV will attract interest.

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