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Our Sustainability pillars

Sustainability is at the core of our business model and guides us in our everyday business life.

We believe it is more crucial than ever to act in a dynamic and protective spirit towards the global environmental and societal challenges we are facing. As we recognize our responsibility towards future generations, we commit to play our part in bringing change in a social, environmental & ethics level.

Our mission and our values are the basis of our corporate philosophy and our business model. Ethos inspires our moral culture. Excellence, Trust, Humbleness, Ownership, Sustainability are our compass in fulfilling our purpose, and define how we do business internally and externally.

In our operational journey to offer top-class brands, our main priority is responsibility towards the society and the environment inside our activity circle.

We aim to create added value for our customers, consumers, partners, employees and other stakeholders, while staying true to our commitments and our corporate identity.

Our sustainability strategy is based on maintaining the optimum balance between economic success and responsible environmental and social practices and focuses on five pillars of action:

Our Environmental contribution

We recognize our responsibility towards protecting the environment and commit to have a positive contribution through our operation.

Our Social contribution

We have a positive multidimensional impact to the communities we operate in through our loved and trusted brands and our caring people.

Our Product Approach

We want to offer high quality products addressing the everyday needs of our consumers, while adopting socially responsible practices and environmentally friendly production methods.

Our Human Capital approach

We aim to be an employer of choice for talented people offering a safe environment where all capabilities can be utilised and further advanced.

Our Contribution to the Economy

We focus on the balance between economic success and responsible environmental and social practices as we recognize financial performance goes hand in hand with a sustainable business path.

Our Environmental contribution

Reaching a difficult crossroad regarding the planet’s environmental challenges, it is crystal clear that our planet is at stake. We take steps to conserve natural resources by  mitigating the Group’s environmental footprint in order to contribute in change. This is a pivotal part of our responsibility to the world.

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