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Corporate Governance

Throughout our journey, by adopting ESG principles and practices, we deeply understood the benefits of a strong and transparent corporate governance. For this reason, but also in full compliance with Law 4706/2020, on corporate governance, the decisions and circulars of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, as well as based on good international practices, we updated the corporate governance framework of the organization in order to further improve its development.

Following our values, and committed to acting responsibly towards the environment, society, our shareholders, regulators, our employees, our consumers, our customers, our suppliers, our financial institutions and every stakeholder, we have created all the necessary regulatory tools in order to be able to meet their demands.

The pillars of the corporate governance framework of the organization are its Operating Regulation, a summary of which is posted here, the Code of Ethics and Conduct which is also posted here, the Hellenic Code of Corporate Governance which is posted here, the register of laws and circulars , but also all the regulatory tools (policies, regulations, procedures, work instructions, job descriptions, control and safety mechanisms) that the organization has developed and are embedded in the daily life of our employees.

The organization during its operation has learned to adapt to the emerged needs and to improve by seizing every opportunity and turning potential compliance obligations into a source of inspiration, always respecting the environment in which it operates, the world to which it is addressed, its employees, its shareholders, supervisors and financiers.

The company adopted the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council, attached in the following link: 

Hellenic Code of Corporate Governance (June 2021)

Codified Articles of Association of the Company 

Summary of the Company's Operating Regulations PDF 278.2KB

Additionally, the Group’s Speak Up Policy can be found here:

Group’s Speak Up Policy PDF 333.4KB

Corporate Ethics

Ethics are inherent to our business model and, with a commitment represented at all levels throughout our operation, create the basis of our successful future development.

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