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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling the supervisory responsibility it has assumed vis-à-vis shareholders.

The responsibility of supervision includes inter alia the supervision of financial reporting procedure, the confirmation of financial statements integrity, the supervision of the internal audit system, the internal audit department operation and the annual audit on financial statements by Certified Public Accountants, the compliance with the Group’s legal and regulatory operation framework as well as with the Code of Conduct established by the Management.

The Company’s Audit Committee is an independent committee. It consists of two independent non-executive members of the Board of Directors and a third independent person directly elected by the General Meeting of Shareholders. Its term is annual.

The composition of the Audit Committee is as follows:

  • Ioannis Arkoulis of Michael Certified Public Accountant, independent third-party Chairman of the Audit Committee,
  • Angeliki Samara of Dimitris Assistant Professor in Accounting at the Department of Accounting and Finance independent third-party, member of the Audit Committee,
  • Irene Nikiforaki of Markus, Legal Advisor and Academic, non-executive, independent Member of the Board, Member of the Audit Committee

Audit Committee’s Regulation

CVs of the Audit Committee’s Members


Corporate Ethics

Ethics are inherent to our business model and, with a commitment represented at all levels throughout our operation, create the basis of our successful future development.

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