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Empowered Employees

We aim to be an employer of choice for talented people offering a safe environment where all capabilities can be utilized and further advanced. Our focus remains behind our people, our most valuable asset, thanks to whom our business develops and flourishes.

We are committed to establishing a better environment and prospects for them as we recognize they are a key catalyst for our path towards sustainable development. We aim to strengthen the leadership capabilities of our people, their business insight and their talents in order to create high-performance teams. The ever-changing, competitive conditions in the markets where the Group operates necessitate a business frame of mind that promotes innovation and improved performance. To that end, the Group rewards performance and also invests in educational programs and training seminars for its employees. We focus on being a high-priority employer, by adopting structures and practices, making the most of our talented employees and their abilities.

Our commitments:

  • Establishing a safe, pleasant and modern work environment where our people feel satisfied and are motivated for further personal and professional development.
  • Applying the best human resource management practices, supporting the further development of our people and maintaining a culture of mutual trust and respect.

The focal areas we focus regarding Human Capital:

  • Inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities

56% females out of total employees

Working opportunities for the youth through programs:

Management Training Program and Internship & Apprenticeship Program

  • Training and employee development

Creation of the My Sarantis LinkedIn learning platform in collaboration with LinkedIn, for the configuration of training programs based on the needs of each employee.

Possibility of internal movement of employees in new roles for their continuous and multifaceted development.

  • Health & Safety of employees

Provision of family care and health programs, insurance of employees.

Health and Safety standards are followed in our production facilities

Blood bank for employees and their families

Providing free visits to a general practitioner and nutritionist within the company, but also a donation of mammography examination to employees in Greece.

Possibility of working remotely to our employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic period

There have been zero deaths and zero injuries with high consequences within 2020.

Sustainability Report

Our sustainability-oriented activity outlines our goals across our business. As we drive progress, it is our responsibility to report it annually, ensuring we deliver on our commitments in operating safely and effectively.

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