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Facts & Figures

Listed in the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994, we boast an impressive share price evolution, a result of our operational excellence, successful strategy and positive investors’ perception for our further growth potential.

Share price at 6.49 € as of 30/12/2022 up c.

Market Cap at 453 mil. € as of 30/12/2022

Over the last decade we doubled our sales and tripled our net profit, maintaining our financial strength and our ability to self-finance our expansion plan.

2Χ sales growth & 3x net income growth in the last 10 yrs
2022 Group Turnover at 445.07 mil. €
2022 Net Income* at 26.27 mil. €
2022 Net cash position of 15.35 mil. €

The Group remains committed to its strategic agenda by investing in initiatives aimed at accelerating growth, either organically or through acquisitions, and to return value to its shareholders.

80 mil. € of dividends paid in the last 10 yrs.
Acquisitions amounting to 67 mil. € in the last 10yrs.

* Excluding ELCA Cosmetics Ltd contribution

We are committed in maintaining a financially healthy business that is able to generate free cashflows and create long term value for all our stakeholders.)

Turnover (€ mil.)

EBITDA (€ mil.) & EBITDA margin*

Net Profit (€ mil.) & Net Profit margin*

Sales breakdown

* Excluding ELCA Cosmetics Ltd contribution

Results Release

We focus on providing prompt and accurate information to our shareholders, enhancing further their continuous positive perception and trust.
Find out more about our financial results and growth prospects.

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