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Share Elements
SAR €11.08
7/19/2024 CAPITALIZATION: €740,704,238.04

Stock Chart

Last Transaction Date 7/19/2024
Closing Price €11.08
Change -1.25%
Daily High €11.24
Daily Low €11.08
Daily Volume 23,626.00
P/E 28.55
P/BV 2.27
Capitalization 740,704,238.04
P/Sales 1.69
Dividend Yield (%) 0.67%
Dividend per Share 0.15


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Shareholder's Rights

Each Company’s share incorporates all rights and responsibilities provisioned by Law 4548/2018 (henceforth the “Law”) and the Company’s Articles of Association, which however, do not include any provisions more restrictive than those provisioned by the Law.

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