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Research & Development

Product development is a crucial part of our business model characterized by our strong focus behind quality and innovation and our aim to keep providing consumers with great brands that make a positive impact on their everyday lives. We work on a wide portfolio of projects, combined with the search of new technologies, inspired by our constant drive to offer brands that have the highest quality and a responsible perspective against the environment and the society.

Our R&D lab consists of high qualified scientists, cosmetologists, chemists, chemical engineers and mechanical engineers, who ensure that the latest scientific knowledge and trends are embedded in the development of innovative and safe products that always represent an environmental-friendly product-development philosophy.

Boasting a 25 year expertise history in the field and an annual production of more than 200 new cosmetics products, we can foresee the upcoming challenges in improving the well-being and reducing our environmental impact that can be met through science.

Our duty is to adapt to constant change. Our research teams aim to bring together the best ideas within the framework of collaboration with top universities and specialist companies. We explore the potential of circular innovation, both in ingredients and packaging and we have started to develop our capabilities by starting pilot programs for brands and materials for future launches in order to meet consumers’ high-quality needs.

  • We collaborate with the World’s Top Level Suppliers for Fragrances & Cosmetic Ingredients to ensure that we are always up to date on the latest trends related to safe, effective, and sustainable ingredients that fit into our final products.
  • We cooperate with reputable Academic Institutions in Europe which allows for independent product testing and gives access to knowledge centers through cooperation with well-known scientists. The products we develop this way play an essential role in our ambition to make a positive impact on our field of expertise.
  • Scientific knowledge enhancement. Our team attends International congresses & exhibitions and are members of the major scientific European cosmetic organizations in order to be up to date with Global Trends and current concepts and textures.
  • With the view towards developing efficient and sustainable products, we ensure the latest packaging technologies and marketing trends are implemented, through visitations to packaging exhibitions/ seminars/ summits, and close relationships with main suppliers and their network.
  • Continuous update and knowledge of Regulations and full scientific support on the final product. In vivo clinical studies, ex-vivo, in-vitro efficacy and safety studies are conducted on final products in close partnership with external independent test Institutes worldwide.

Fully Equiped,
“State of the Art” Laboratory

  • Well developed in-house R&D capabilities, allowing for time efficient and cost efficient development of new formulations.
  • State-of-the-art laboratory equipment allows to make all kinds of cosmetic forms such as gels, emulsions, oils, ointments, cleansers for body , hair shampoos, micellar liquids, tonics etc.
  • Pilot/up-scaling capabilities

Polipak's Modern Research Laboratory

Equipped with state-of-the-art devices, such as moisture analyzer, plastometer, testing machine, octagon, spectrophotometer or Dart Drop, this lab allows for a wide range of measurements and tests, ultimately guaranteeing high innovation and quality.

Making innovative bags with our patented TriplePak foil

A new technology is under development that will lead to new high-tech products (garbage bags) through automated processes.The new garbage bags will be characterized by:

  • High durability
  • Better functionality & aesthetics
  • Cost efficiency
  • Higher ecological profile (higher percentage of recycled raw materials).
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Discover our Production Facilities

4 production facilities operating under the strictest quality and safety criteria

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