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Distribution Network

Key to our leading position as a supplier of consumer products is our extensive distribution network that reaches 110,000 Points of Sales across our territory.

Customer satisfaction is important in maintaining a strong distribution network and our aim is to build strong partnerships that create value for both our business and our customers’ businesses.

We aim to be the preferred supplier for all our customers by focusing on :

  • Building strong customer relationships.
  • Quality and innovation behind our propositions.
  • Offering a well diversified product portfolio addressing consumers’ needs.
  • Excellence in marketing, merchandising, in-store presentation and experiences.
  • Excellence in execution.

110.000 Points of Sales across our region and commercial excellence in the PoS reinforce the engagement of our consumers.

More than 90% of the Group’s sales realized in the mass market.

Our customers include hypermarkets, supermarkets, groceries, beauty shops and pharmacies.

4 production facilities operating under the strictest quality and safety criteria feeding our warehouses

18 warehouses in 13 countries feeding our customers’ network

Strategic Partnerships

Our considerable knowledge of the markets where we operate, our constantly expanding product portfolio, along with our extensive distribution network, make us the ideal strategic partner for any consumer products company that wishes to enter in our territory.

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