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22 NOVEMBER 2006



  • Financial results of Gr. Sarantis Group for the 9m 2006 are in line with the Management’s strategy.
  • The Management places emphasis in the strategic markets of fragrances & cosmetics and household products and within those the expansion of own products.
  • Foreign markets’ grew exceptionally during 9m ’06, compared to the Greek market, increasing their contribution to total consolidated turnover.
  • The Management targets stronger expansion for the Group in the markets of Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia, via intensive promotion and advertising activities, as well as the introduction of new products and a larger product portfolio.


Consolidated turnover of Gr. Sarantis Group settled at EUR 159.40 million in the 9M ‘06 as compared to EUR 145.48 million in the same period last year, posting a growth of 9.57%.

Worth to mention that during 9m ’06 there is satisfactory growth in the Group’s two basic strategic business units, fragrances & cosmetics and health & care products but also in the Eastern Europe regions.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) demonstrated a similar performance, rising by 5.45% to EUR 22.89 million in the 9m ’06 versus EUR 21.70 million in the same period last year. The limited growth rate realized in EBITDA compared to the sales growth is due to high installation expenses in the Group’s new geographic markets, as well as the increased promotion and advertising expenditures in the international markets. This resulted in the EBITDA margin reduction to 14.36% this 9m ’06 from 14.92% in 9m ’05.

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) settled at EUR 20.17 million in the 9m ‘06, versus EUR 18.94 million in the same period last year, posting a growth rate of 6.52%.

Earnings before taxes (EBT) settled at EUR 20.53 million during 9M ‘06 versus EUR 16.93 million last year, demonstrating a rise of 21.31%.

Earnings after taxes and minorities (EATAM) settled at EUR 15.42 million in the 9m ‘06, posting a growth of 23.85% as compared to the same period last year.


Consolidated turnover breakdown per business activity is now reported through 4 categories, which constitute Gr. Sarantis Group’s organic growth drivers according to the Management’s new strategy. These categories are fragrances & cosmetics, household products, health & care products and strategic alliances. The outcome of the Group’s new strategy and specifically the decision made by the Management to report the organic growth driver under four categories is already reflected in the financial results of the current year.

The most interesting performance was realized in the Group’s own products, especially in fragrances & cosmetics and household products.

Fragrances & cosmetics represent 38.13% of total turnover, followed by household products, 38.71%. Strategic alliances’ revenues correspond to 14.11% of total turnover, with health & care products capturing a stake of 9.05% out of the total. It is worth mentioning, that the strongest growth came from the fragrances & cosmetics (+28.76% as compared to 9m ‘06), with the second largest growth seen in health & care products, 23.56%.

As far as EBIT is concerned, fragrances & cosmetics were the greatest contributor, with 33.89%, followed by strategic alliances, with 29.30%. Household products participate with 27.01%, followed by health & care products with 9.80%.


Gr. Sarantis Group’s sales in the Greek market represent the 52.49% or EUR 83.67 million of the total consolidated turnover, whereas the remaining part of 47.51% or EUR 75.73 million concerns the Group’s sales in the international markets. It is worth mentioning that as compared to 9m ‘05, sales of Gr. Sarantis Group in the international markets have achieved growth of 21.39% in the current period, whereas revenues from the Greek market have increased by 0.69%.

Worth to mention that the Group possesses leading ‘packaging products’ market position in Bulgaria, Serbia, FYROM and Poland. Also, it holds leading ‘fragrances & cosmetics’ market position in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and FYROM.

The strongest contributor in revenues has been Turkey (+247.82%), followed by the Czech Rep (+34.07%), Serbia (+32.97%), and Bulgaria (+26.58%). Ukraine and Hungary provide net earnings in 9m ’06 compared to 9m ’05. It is noted that the Russian market will start providing revenues by the end of the year. Also part of its expansionary plan in the markets of Turkey and Hungary is the acquisition of a local firm.


Issuance of Tax Certificate for the Fiscal Year 2022

The company GR. SARANTIS S.A., in compliance with the provisions of paragraph of the Athens Exchange Regulation (Rulebook)  and article 17 of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April  16th  2014, announces that, following the completion of the tax audit for the financial period 2022 (fiscal year 2022) which was carried out by the certified auditors of the Company, in accordance with the provisions of article 65A law 4174/2013, the relevant tax certificate has been issued with an “unqualified” opinion.
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