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Resignation and replacement of Board of Directors member – Formation of the BoD into body

3 MAY 2022

The company “GR. SARANTIS S.A.” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) announces to the investment community that on April 21st 2022, Mr. George Kostianis, submitted his resignation as an executive member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors, at its meeting dated April 21st 2022, in replacement of the resigned member, decided, in accordance with a.82 par 1. of L. 4548/2018 and article 10 of the Company’s Articles of Association, the election of Mr. Evangelos Siarlis.

Following the election of the new member of the Board of Directors, in replacement of the resigned member, the Board of Directors, during its aforementioned meeting, was formed into body as follows:


  1. Grigoris P. Sarantis, Chairman-Executive member
  2. Dimitrios P. Reppas, Vice Chairman – Independent non-executive member,
  3. Kyriakos P. Sarantis, Chief Executive Officer – Executive member,
  4. Aikaterini P. Saranti, Non-executive member,
  5. Konstantinos P. Rozakeas, Executive member,
  6. Konstantinos F. Stamatiou, Executive member,
  7. Ioannis K. Bouras, Executive member,
  8. Evangelos A. Siarlis, Executive member,
  9. Christos I. Oikonomou, Independent non-executive member,
  10. Nikolaos P. Nomikos, Independent non-executive member,
  11. Irene M. Nikiforaki, Independent non-executive member.


The election of the new member will be announced and proposed for approval to the next General Meeting of the Company which happens to be the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting.

The new member will exercise his duties for the remaining period until the end of the term of the existing Board of Directors.

Mr. Siarlis’ CV can be found on the Company’s website

Resignation and replacement of Board of Directors member – Formation of the BoD into body (112.4KB)

Sarantis Group updated Financial Calendar 2022

GR. SARANTIS S.A., in accordance with the paragraphs 4.1.2 and, of the Athens Stock Exchange regulation, informs the investors’ community of its updated Financial Calendar for 2022:   May 31st 2022 Annual General Shareholders Meeting June 3rd 2022 Ex-dividend date June 6th 2022 Dividend Beneficiaries-Record date June 10th  2022 Dividend payment   The aforementioned dates regarding the dividend payment are subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
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