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SANITAS and AB Vassilopoulos on their first joint volunteer clean up action around the Veikou Grove in Galatsi

17 OCTOBER 2023

SANITAS, the reliable brand of Sarantis Group and AB Vassilopoulos joined forces and conducted their first joint volunteer cleanup action at Veikou Grove in Galatsi. This is an area they will systematically care for through collaborative efforts, with the substantial contribution of the PanHellenic Volunteer Movement Save Your Hood.

On Saturday, October 14th, a park cleanup took place with the participation of over 50 employees from the two companies, as well as volunteers who joined in at the venue, embracing this initiative. The participants gathered earlier at the park and after being provided with the new technology SANITAS FLEX & STRONG garbage bags made from 100% recycled plastic and other equipment they began the process of collecting refuse. With the moto “Everything can be done better”, which also represents the brand’s commitment, volunteers cleaned the entire park area, removing approximately 6,900 liters of waste, of which 2,200 liters were directed for recycling, while 4,700 liters were disposed of in the green bins.

Climate change has already shown visible effects, with severe consequences for the environment and consequently, human life and health, impacting aspects of our daily lives. The planet is our home and can only continue to sustain us if we protect its biodiversity by transforming the climate crisis into an opportunity. It all starts from our homes by adopting more environmentally friendly habits. SANITAS, with respect to the environment, embraces and implements green practices, reducing its environmental footprint.

After the completion of the volunteer cleanup, juices and AB water were distributed to all volunteers as a token of appreciation.

Simultaneously, the world’s first “AB Mobile Environmental Education and Recycling Center” was parked on – site, a groundbreaking collaboration between AB Vassilopoulos and TEXAN, the leading company in the construction and operation of high – tech automatic recycling machines. It opened its doors to the public, turning the recycling into action.

Sarantis Group acknowledges the value of volunteerism in all its forms. We wholeheartedly support the initiative and dedication of individuals who choose to contribute their time and skills for the common good.

Together we engage in cleanup initiatives actively contributing to the environment and collecting various types of waste. We join forces, SANITAS and AB Vassilopoulos and we care for the future just as we care for the present!


About Sarantis Group:

Headquartered in Athens and boasting a history of over 50 years, Sarantis Group is a multinational consumer products company having leading presence in Eastern Europe and an expanding geographical footprint through own subsidiaries and strong export activity worldwide. Our mission is to uplift the mood of consumers, with beautiful simplicity that makes everyday life better, by being always nearby, working closely with our stakeholders to create value sustainably. From Personal Care, Home Care and Health Care Products as well as Luxury Cosmetics, we offer well recognized brands that have a positive impact on people’s everyday lives. With strong activity in 13 countries, and in particular in Greece, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia, Portugal, Slovenia and Ukraine, we maintain a dynamic international presence and a powerful distribution network of more than 50 countries around the world.

SANITAS and AB Vassilopoulos on their first joint volunteer clean up action around the Veikou Grove in Galatsi (145.2KB)

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Sarantis Group is embarking on an exciting new journey, becoming the first customer in the world to choose the RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, premium plus. In addition to embracing RISE with SAP, Sarantis Group has also integrated SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as the fundamental platform guiding its digital transformation.
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