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Sarantis Group at the 55th Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Exhibition 2024

18 APRIL 2024

Sarantis Group participation in this year's Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 exhibition marks its 6th consecutive appearance at the premier international beauty products exhibition held in Bologna. The Group had the opportunity to showcase its extensive range of brands and expand its network of partners, while also observing market trends and identifying opportunities for developing new products in consumer personal care.

Specifically, Sarantis Group, faithful to its strategy, intensifies its efforts towards sustainable development and reaffirms once again its dedication to innovation and commitment to high-quality products. Through the launch of the new clean beauty brand clinéa, which enters dynamically into the beauty sector, it breaks down the boundaries between science and nature. Fully aligned with the Group's commitments, clinéa sets new standards, creates, and innovates, combining the effectiveness of science with the purity of nature. By selecting the best elements from these two worlds, Sarantis Group has created and presented in Bologna the new refillable skincare brand of the pharmacy, which is effective, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, it introduced the bioten brand, which stands out for its high percentage of natural ingredients in its formulas, combined with its effectiveness. It has not only secured top positions in facial care in most of the countries where we operate but since 2021, it has also managed to penetrate and capture part of the market in Asia, primarily in the Philippines.

Similarly, Carroten, the Greek suncare brand that has held the top position in the Greek market for years, having also conquered markets in Europe, the Middle East and Australia, is based on three pillars of success: safety, effectiveness, and its characteristic aroma.

The Group follows and invests in a clear strategy that has been shaping throughout its successful history, creating sustainable profitable growth and value for all stakeholders in a highly competitive and dynamic international business environment.

We focus on the balance between our financial success and our responsible governance, as we recognize that financial performance aligns with a sustainable business trajectory and robust internal management. As a continuously growing and financially healthy Group, we create value for all stakeholders - suppliers, customers, consumers, shareholders, and employees - while ensuring our Corporate Governance and Business Ethics throughout our operations.

The Group fulfills its vision guided by its values: Excellence, Trust, Humbleness, Ownership, Sustainability (ETHOS). Our values ​​are the foundation of our business model and, combined with our stable financial performance, create the basis for our successful future development. Our values ​​determine how we collaborate with colleagues, partners, customers, and consumers, giving meaning and value to the cycle of our professional life.

“We are a Team with ETHOS”

Sarantis Group at the 55th Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Exhibition 2024 (146.3KB)

Appointment of New Head of Internal Audit and New Compliance and Risk Manager

The company “GR. SARANTIS S.A.” announces that its Board of Directors, during its meeting on May 13th, 2024, following a relevant proposal by the Audit Committee of the company, appointed Mrs. Zafeiria Papavasilopoulou as Head of Internal Audit, replacing Mr.
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