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Sarantis Group distributed brand Batiste was awarded this year with the Gold Award in the trusted brand competition PRIX DE BEAUTÉ

18 NOVEMBER 2021

Batiste, an award-winning brand with over 100 awards worldwide, which belongs to the hair care category Sarantis Group personal care distributed brand portfolio, was honored this year with the gold award in the popular and reliable PRIX DE BEAUTÉ competition and has 21 years of presence in the Greek market.

Batiste belongs to the Dry Shampoo category that was introduced in the early 70's, with the beginning Talcum Powder usage in the hair for cleansing and prolonging the time between baths. Batiste is the UK’s number one dry shampoo, and the secret weapon of women around the world for revitalizing hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean, without water! What makes Batiste so special is that there is such a wide range of fragrances to choose from, so every women can choose her favorite scent based on her mood!


To which target group is it addressed?

To busy, dynamic, and modern women between 15-44 who know about fashion. They wash their hair 2-3 times a week, have little time and want to freshen their hair on the go. Consumer Batiste knows the trends very well and is not afraid to try them, while the 86% of its consumers use social media every day.


How is it used?

It could not be simpler! With just three moves, Batiste refreshes your hair in less than a minute and saves you valuable time.

  1. Spray the roots at a distance of about 30 cm,
  2. Massage into your hair to distribute the product evenly,
  3. Brush them and…you are ready!


Fragrances and uses:

Batiste has 9 different fragrances for all tastes.

It also has 2 Dry Shampoos, the Beautiful Brunette & the Brilliant Blonde, which give a little color to the hair, slightly covering the gray root, in addition to the freshness and rejuvenation.

Finally, Batiste has 4 codes that give extra benefits to the consumer, Volume, De-Frizz, Damage Control and Hydrate with an advanced formula, enriched with keratin that protects the hair from daily stress and helps strengthen, helping hair to look strong and full of volume in addition to cleanliness.

You will find Batiste in selected supermarkets and cosmetic stores in the 200ml package, but also in the Travel Size package of 50ml so that you always have it with you.



Elimination of oiliness, giving renewal between baths, as well as fresh hair full of volume that smells wonderful.


Sarantis Group

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Sarantis Group distributed brand Batiste was awarded this year with the Gold Award in the trusted brand competition PRIX DE BEAUTÉ (322.7KB)

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