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Sarantis Group in Portugal supports through Bioten’s sponsorship the “Corrida Sempre Mulher”, a women’s race dedicated to the cure of breast cancer

1 APRIL 2019

Sarantis Group in Portugal this year enhanced a good cause by being an official sponsor of “Corrida Sempre Mulher” (Always Run Woman) through Bioten.  The race took place on 31st of March and an amount of 110.571€ has been generated for the cause of breast cancer’s cure by the all participants’ contribution.

Bioten had the honor to be an official sponsor of this event by embracing this cause. Some activations took place at the starting point, where goodie bags were given to the participants that included present samples of our loved and natural Bioten’s Detox Face Cream and Detox SG.

The funds raised by MÉDIS CORRIDA ALWAYS WOMEN in 2019-2020 were reverted to the Portuguese Association of supporting women with breast cancer, an IPSS for health purposes, non-profit and public utility, registered with the Health Regulatory Entity (ERS), which since 1999 has been dedicated to early diagnosis in oncology, especially in women, with the essential mission of providing preventive, curative and rehabilitation medicine to patients with oncological disease, namely breast and gynecological, and health care to the general population through its private health unit.

The Group, through its loved and trusted brands, stays true to its commitment to offer back to the society across its activity region. Being all together a force of change, we might make a difference. We are proud of being part of such an important cause and at the same time we are happy for the achievements and the awareness this event raised. Until the next race…

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