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Sarantis Group launches the new Noxzema Bonupack Shower Gels and the new Noxzema Liquid Cream Soaps

15 MAY 2024

Sarantis Group demonstrates its commitment to a continuously dynamic philosophy of research and development while simultaneously investing in the Greek market, modernizing its production plant in Oinofyta.

Specifically, the Group recently made another major investment by installing a new state-of-the-art Doypacks production unit, capable of producing more than 10 million Doypacks annually. The line is fully automated with a Cleaning in Place and nozzle placement system, making it the first machine on the market to place flip-top caps. In this context, the Noxzema brand, a leader in the personal care category, innovating once again, has created the New, specially formulated, Noxzema Bonuspack Shower Gels for direct use in the shower, as well as the new Noxzema Liquid Cream Soaps. The combination of the practical packaging of the Shower Gels with an ergonomic cap that opens and closes and can be used directly on the sponge or body, with consistently better value for the consumer* and up to 80% less plastic** makes this specific range an ideal proposition for the consumer market.

The process of developing innovative, human-safe and environmentally-friendly products is at the core of the Group's business activities, giving it the impetus to progressively meet the needs of consumers over time, thereby earning their trust. The Group has managed to grow thanks to its emphasis on expertise, specialization and high quality, aiming to optimize and create new high-quality products that meet consumer needs, committing to increasingly reduce its environmental footprint.

We recognize that our business operations have direct and indirect economic, social, and environmental impacts on all our stakeholders, including consumers, employees, investors, customers, partners and the local communities in which we operate worldwide. We fully understand the importance of our contribution to sustainable development; therefore, we commit to responsibly managing all our impacts throughout the value chain, from the production of raw materials to the final use and offering of our products to consumers.


*Economic packaging - Sarantis S.A. offers this packaging at least 15% cheaper compared to the Noxzema Shower Gel 750ml packaging (calculation based on wholesale price/ml).

**In terms of packaging per ml, compared to the bottles' packaging of 400ml (-80%) and 750ml (-72%).

Sarantis Group launches the new Noxzema Bonupack Shower Gels and the new Noxzema Liquid Cream Soaps (136.4KB)

Appointment of New Head of Internal Audit and New Compliance and Risk Manager

The company “GR. SARANTIS S.A.” announces that its Board of Directors, during its meeting on May 13th, 2024, following a relevant proposal by the Audit Committee of the company, appointed Mrs. Zafeiria Papavasilopoulou as Head of Internal Audit, replacing Mr.
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