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7 MAY 2003


PRESS RELEASE Rise in earnings and turnover for Sarantis at closing of the 1st Trimester 2003. Specifically, within the 1st trimester of 2003, Sarantis Group, on consolidated basis, increased its sales volume by 16.

27 FEBRUARY 2003

Financial Results Announcement - Fiscal Year 2002

PRESS RELEASE Increase in sales volume by 18% and pre-tax earnings by 10% is disclosed in the consolidated results of Sarantis Group in 2002.  Specifically, the net Group sales for 2002 amounted to Euro 219 million with respect to Euro 185 million in 2001, while the pre-tax earnings amounted to Euro 18.

1 JANUARY 2003

Strategic merge of LOBELIN SA & PHARMACARE SA subsidiary companies

PRESS RELEASE LOBELIN SA first entered the market of the nutritional supplements and vitamins in Greece in 1981, after 21 years continues its successful, upward trend at the health & care products’ field after 21 years and it is merging with PHARMACARE SA, amplifying the existing product portfolio with well-known and successful Korff, ClearBlue, Manicare & Filovit brands.

18 NOVEMBER 2002


PRESS RELEASE Increase in results both in terms of sales volume and net pre-tax earnings is disclosed in the consolidated balance sheet of Sarantis Group. Specifically, the consolidated turnover of Sarantis reached a total of Euro 153.

30 AUGUST 2002

First Semester 2002 Financial Results of the Sarantis Group

PRESS RELEASE The consolidated results of the Sarantis Group for the first semester of 2002 feature a sales and EBITDA increase of 19% and 20%, respectively, as compared to the same period of the previous year.

11 FEBRUARY 2002

Sarantis Group: 2001 Financial Results.

PRESS RELEASE For the year 2001, the Sarantis Group is expected to report consolidated profits of 16 million € (GRD 5.6 bn), increased by 10% as compared to the year 2000 (15.0 mn € or GRD 5.1 bn), on consolidated sales of 185 mn € (GRD 63 bn), increased by approximately 6% as compared to the year 2000 (175 mn € or GRD 59.

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