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25 MAY 2001

Financial Results - 1st Quarter 2001

PRESS RELEASE The consolidated sales of the Sarantis Group for the first quarter of 2001 have increased by 26%, as compared to the relevant period of the year 2000. More specifically, Sarantis’ turnover for the period January-March 2001, amounted to GRD 13,7 billion, as compared to GRD 10,8 billion for the same period of the year 2000.

29 MARCH 2001

The Extraordinary General Assembly of Sarantis SA has been completed

PRESS RELEASE The Extraordinary General Assembly of Sarantis SA has been completed. Since there was no quorum, the only issue that was discussed concerned the allocation of the funds amounting to 22.7 billion drachmae, raised through the company’s share capital increase, which was completed last September.

23 NOVEMBER 2000

Joint Venture Agreement Estee Lauder Companies with Sarantis Group of Companies

PRESS RELEASE A joint venture cooperation preliminary agreement between Estee Lauder Companies and Sarantis Group of Companies was signed concerning Greece and the Balkans. In the agreement the start up of a new company is mentioned, which will manage the interests of the Companies of Estee Lauder in the area of the Balkans with headquarters in Athens.


Negotiation Opening for New Stocks

PRESS RELEASE The announcement to the Shareholders of our Company refers to the 19.068.100 new common anonymous stocks of nominal value 500 drs. each, which will be negotiated in the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange, starting 4th October 2000, being derived from the recent capital stock increase of the Company, by paying cash the amount of drs.


Capital Stock Increase

PRESS RELEASE CUTOFF DATE: 27th JULY 2000REGISTRATION PERIOD: 4th AUGUST 2000 UNTIL 4th SEPTEMBER 2000 PUBLICATION CONSULTANT: TELESIS SECURITIES S.A.The Company’s Board of Directors informs the Shareholders about the following:1.


The capital increase of SARANTIS' company was completed successfully raising at 23 billion drs.

PRESS RELEASE The capital increase of Sarantis’ company was completed successfully raising at 23 billion drs. This capital will be used in funding the development program of Sarantis which focuses on a joint venture agreement with a foreign multinational Group of Companies for Greece and the Balkans.

22 AUGUST 2000

Report of Results for the 1st Half of 2000

PRESS RELEASE The consolidated results of the Sarantis Group displayed a growth in sales of 19% and earnings of 10% in the first half of 2000, compared to the first half of 1999. In terms of operating profits, Sarantis shows an impressive growth of 70% in comparison to the corresponding period last year.

29 MAY 2000

Financial Results - 1st Quarter 2000

PRESS RELEASE In the first quarter of 2000, SARANTIS Group consolidated balance sheet presents 28% increase in sales and +12% in profits. More specifically, the consolidated sales reached 10,8 billion Drs.

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