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Our contribution to the economy

We focus on the balance between economic success and responsible environmental and social practices as we recognize financial performance goes hand in hand with a sustainable business path.

Through our continuous efforts, we manage to enjoy sustainable growth and improved financial performance in a highly competitive and dynamic international business environment. Being a growing and financially healthy business we are able to generate value to all stakeholders involved, suppliers, clients, consumers, shareholders and employees.

Our commitments

  • Continuing our investments and positively contributing to the economies of the countries we operate in.
  • Maintaining a financially healthy business that is able to generate free cashflows and create long term value for all our stakeholders.

Our progress:

We systematically pay dividends to our shareholders, we contribute to the economies of all the countries we operate in, either directly or indirectly through our value chain, and we give back value to the society through our co-operations with regional institutions and NGOs both by financial support and product offers:

  • 42 mil. euros of dividends paid in the last 5yrs.
  • Investments of 13.4 mil. euros in 2019 related to infrastructure enhancement, machinery equipment renewal, and supply chain optimization.
  • Investments through acquisitions amounting to 43 mil. euros in the last 5yrs.
  • Social support through financial help or product offers in 2019: 190k euro.
  • Re-invested back to society through taxes and social security contributions in the last 5 yrs : 293 mil. euro across the Group, out of which 116 mil. euro in Greece.
  • More than 70% of the total procurement amount is allocated to the local communities in our countries of operation.


Sustainability Report

Our sustainability-oriented activity outlines our goals across our business. As we drive progress, it is our responsibility to report it annually, ensuring we deliver on our commitments in operating safely and effectively.

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