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Our Environmental contribution

Reaching a difficult crossroad regarding the planet’s environmental challenges, it is crystal clear that our planet is at stake. We take steps to conserve natural resources by  mitigating the Group’s environmental footprint in order to contribute in change. This is a pivotal part of our responsibility to the world.

In the area of production, adopting sustainable development practices is a key component of our strategy within the supply chain. The efficient use of energy and natural resources, the use of renewable energy resources, the mitigation of waste production and their rational management, the manufacturing of more environmentally friendly products have been and still remain our commitments vis-à-vis the environmental challenges.

Our commitments:

  • Applying the most updated technologies for safety and environmental protection, strictly following all relevant local and European regulations.
  • Upgrading our productions facilities constantly with the latest equipment and methods.
  • Proper emissions and waste management in order to mitigate our environmental footprint.
  • Enhancing our environmental-friendly mentality within product development processes.

Our Progress:

  • We embrace circular economy with the implementation of a vertically integrated system for the production of recycling plastic film from consumer waste, in our production plant in Ukraine.
    • Garbage Collection
    • Garbage Washing
    • Melting
    • Granules creation
    • Foil reproduction
  • In our plant in Polipak, a new technology is under development that will lead to new high-tech and more environmentally friendly products(garbage bags) through automated processes.

        The new garbage bags will be characterized by:

        High durability

        Better functionality & aesthetics

        Cost efficiency

        Higher ecological profile (higher percentage of recycled raw


  • The use of photovoltaics in Polipak’s new factory will enhance energy efficiency and result in a greener production facility.

  • In our plant in Greece:

1. There is a “Solar system”- Water Cooling system for air conditioning utilizing solar power: We use 1340 solar collectors and two sunlight absorption chillers covering part of the plant’s needs in cooling power.

2. Natural Gas has fully replaced oil; as a result, gas emissions are reduced, operation is cleaner and the energy cost was brought down.

  • We focus on mitigating our environmental footprint through recycling, either directly or indirectly through certified partners, the waste generated in our operations.

Particularly in Greece, our financial contributions to the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation, support the effort to improve the recycling infrastructure in Greece.

The total amount of the company's financial contributions corresponds to the financing of the purchase of 4,302 blue bins or 8 recycling vehicles.

  • The Group’s headquarters and the production facility at Oinofyta, with respect to the energy management apply the International Standard ISO 50001, which is certified by the certification body TUV HELLAS.


  • We continuously enhance our environmental-friendly mentality within our product development process.

Bioten is committed to adopting the best that nature has to offer while developing an eco-friendly and sustainable skincare line with respect to our natural resources and to the health and safety of your skin! 

We develop a complete ECO range covering all categories (Food packaging, Garbage bags, Cleaning Items) under a Green Life Concept

Our Social contribution

Our social pillar involves our positive multidimensional impact to the communities we operate in through our loved and trusted brands  and our caring people.

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