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6 JUNE 2022

Sarantis Group honors the World Environment Day by enhancing its efforts towards the pillar of Sustainable Production and Consumption

World Environment Day is designated by the United Nations on June 5 and each year sheds light on a number of environmental issues that need to be addressed at both national and corporate level Through its responsible operational activity and its purposeful brands, the Group aspires to actively contribute towards the curbing climate change and protecting the environment.

2 JUNE 2022

“With love for North Evia”: A CSR action supported by Sarantis Group and KRITIKOS hypermarkets

Sarantis Group, one of the largest multinational consumer products companies with a significant international presence, leading brands and partnerships, and the Greek hypermarket chain KRITIKOS, with a dynamic presence throughout Greece, collaborate and jointly supported the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative “With love for North Evia”.

19 MAY 2022

Sarantis Group in collaboration with AB Vassilopoulos support once more the CSR initiative: live offline

Sarantis Group, faithful to its commitment to support Greek society, joins forces with AB Vassilopoulos & KETHEA and through its brands supports the treatment of social issues such as internet addiction and screen addiction.

28 APRIL 2022

Sarantis Group honors the World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The Group’s main concern is its contribution in creating a safe working environment that promotes employees’ wellness, prosperity, and professional development World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a milestone for the overall efforts made to secure a safe working environment.

3 JUNE 2022

Sarantis Group installs photovoltaics at its production facility in Greece and further enhances its orientation to sustainable production paving the path for a greener operation

 Sarantis Group continues its investments in Greece, constantly aiming at a greener production. This investment on PVs in Greece came to further strengthen the Group’s responsible production facility at Oinofyta and to optimize its operational benefits, while reducing the energy related operating costs.

27 MAY 2022

Sarantis Group launches its new eco sunscreen line supported by its brands Carroten, Αstrid, Κolastyna & Elmiplant

Sarantis Group, faithful to its strategy, intensifies its efforts towards sustainable development both at production level and at product level. The new launch of the Group's eco sunscreen line is a fact and represents its commitment to an ecological approach to its products.

5 MAY 2022

Sarantis Group through its homecare brand AVA collaborates with the NGO FOOD ON in order to support socially excluded groups

The beloved detergent AVA, Sarantis Group home care brand, in collaboration with FOOD ON and its CSR activity, organized a social dinner at "Raki Meze" of the Kastelorizo ​​group, giving the opportunity to unemployed and socially excluded people to dine with various company representatives so that they can successfully integrate into society and claim a vacancy.

20 APRIL 2022

Sarantis Group still embraces the Ukrainian people through offered humanitarian aid

The Group's concern is the protection of its employees in Ukraine while further strengthening humanitarian aid channels for the war victims As the war in Ukraine still rages on, at Sarantis Group we still stand with all those that are suffering, including our employees and their families in Ukraine.

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