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7 MARCH 2023

Sarantis Group launches clinéa, the new refillable clean pharmacy skincare brand

Sarantis Group, one of the leading consumer products companies boasting a significant international presence and top brands and partnerships, committed to its strategy, intensifies its efforts towards sustainable development and confirms yet again its dedication towards innovation and high product quality.


Sarantis Group and Hondos Center support for 2nd consecutive year Phoebe’s guesthouse cause!

See the world in a different color! We support Phoebe guesthouse which provides shelter to abused women! Sarantis Group and Hondos Center joined their forces for 2nd consecutive year, through the initiative “See the world in a different color”, aiming to raise awareness to consumers about violence against women issues and invite them to participate in strengthening and support all those women through Phoebe’s guesthouse and its treatment services.

31 OCTOBER 2022

STOP BULLYING. HUMAN-UP, CHOOSE RESPECT: Sarantis Group and STR8 together with selected Greek Super Market chains support the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative against bullying in collaboration with the non-profit organization KMOP

Sarantis Group and the famous men’s care brand STR8, join forces with selected Greek Super Market chains in order to strengthen the social work of the NGO KMOP through the initiative “Live Without bullying”.

3 OCTOBER 2022

Sarantis Group, through its subsidiary Sarantis Bulgaria, participated with FINO on the 10th edition of "Let's clean Bulgaria together" campaign

On September 17th, Sarantis Bulgaria celebrated with FINO, one of the Group’s most popular home care brands, the World Clean Up Day 2022 and participated in the largest volunteer action in the country called "Let's clean Bulgaria together".

14 FEBRUARY 2023

Human – Up: «Speak Up about your feelings every day!»

Sarantis Group and STR8 , for 2nd consecutive year, joined their forces with selected supermarket chains and continue, the successful campaign Human-Up through they promote “empathy” and listen to the needs of young male audience who have changed by following a more human – centered approach, promoting open communication.

11 NOVEMBER 2022

Sarantis Group completes its investment on Polipak’s new manufacturing plant

The construction of Polipak’s new production facility has been completed, while the relocation to the new premises has taken place. The new, 24,000 square-meter, technologically advanced production plant is equipped with modernized machinery, upgraded R&D and implements automated production processes towards the production of more environmentally friendly products and increased energy efficiency.

25 OCTOBER 2022

Sarantis Group, through its subsidiary Sarantis Romania, and FINO support “Let’s Do it Romania”, the biggest environmental initiative in Romania

Sarantis Group, through its subsidiary in Romania, actively participated with FINO, one of the Group’s most popular home care brands, for yet another year, at the “Let’s Do It Romania” initiative.  This year, the World CleanUp Day, engaged more than 160,000 volunteers who collected approximately 1,320,000 kg of waste.


Sarantis Group – Investments behind the promotion of a safe and healthy working environment and the continuous environmental performance improvement

Ensuring the high quality of the products and actively contributing towards the protection of the environment and the promotion of health & safety at work constitute a basic goal and an integral element of the Group’s philosophy.

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